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I'm Hank Kreuzer and I'm a Photographer based in Aliso Viejo California who specializes in landscape and fine art photography.

My fascination with photography and the natural world began at an early age. I grew up in Peekskill New York where I spent a good deal of time exploring in and around the wooded areas near my house. Walking in the woods helped me connect relatively to nature, helping me out of my head and into my senses.

I can remember scrolling through the pages of National Geographic and Arizona Highways magazines and being moved by the beautiful Images. I realized that photography could be a powerful tool used to evoke feelings and emotions. I also realized that those images could help raise awareness of the impact we have on environment and how important conservation efforts are in protecting our fragile planet  for  generations to come.

I credit modern digital capture with renewing my interest in the art of photography. I now have  more control over my final vision. I try to produce images that are as close to what I saw at the time of capture. I generally use a minimal amount of post processing to overcome some of the limitations that still exist with digital imaging. I use graduated neutral density filters and circular polarizing filters as well. I believe in utilizing whatever tools we have available to us to produce images that convey our unique vision and style. 

My hope is to make an emotional connection with my viewers, so perhaps they might be able to experience some of the emotions I felt when I viewed the scene. I don't have a unique shooting style, nor do I limit myself to taking photos of only certain subjects or themes. I think that limits creative growth. I simply photograph places and subjects I find visually appealing. They may be the wide open mountain or desert scenes of the West, or the more intimate spaces like the woodlands and streams of the Northeast. I strive to create images that have some kind of visual impact.

 I try to produce positive and uplifting imagery in hopes to balance out some of the negative and sensationalistic Images we're subjected to much too often these days. My hope is to offer the viewer images that helps give them a sense of hope and optimism for the future of our world.

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